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Elevate your  Mac workflow with amazing new Apps
We empower macOS users to unleash the full potential of their Macs, with sleek, functional, and minimalistic Apps.
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Revolutionize Your Mac Experience
PowerMeister is a Real Investment for your Mac
PowerMeister enhances Apple's existing implementation by allowing you to run exclusively in Low Power, while scaling up for performance on demanding Apps & Games.
Default Power Scheme PowerMeister Scheme
Extend & Protect your MacBook's Battery
Save Up considerably on your Electricity Bill
Applications run FAST like a Rocket
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Apple's Silicon Quantum Leap
MacVirtue. Free & Unlimited macOS Virtual Machines
Compatible with macOS 12, macOS 13, and macOS 14
Last published version: 1.0.0
Low Cost
Virtual Machines are Free
Fast and unlimited Virtual Machines for the Mac. Run every macOS version isolated and test carefree!
Most Secure
An Isolated Environment
Every single Virtual Machine created in MacVirtue is securely isolated from the Host Mac computer.
Super Quick
Efficient CPU Management
When running an Apple Silicon VM, there is no translation layer involved... hence making it Blazing Fast!
Easy to Use
Without prior experience
MacVirtue offers a user-friendly OS installation, therefore, no previous experience is required!
Nadenco B2B Development Services
Customers choose Nadenco for their Brand Development
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Proven Track Record
We're exceptionally proud of our team members, each with an impressive track record of collaborating with industry-leading clients.
$0 Kick-start
We welcome you to get in touch and seek advice on the product you envision, for an initial consultation at no cost.
24/7 Support
We're commited at your service around the clock, ready to assist you with development and provide consultation.
Disclaimer: It's essential to clarify that some of the aforementioned brand names are not direct clients of Nadenco Smpc. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that our development talent has engaged in prior professional collaborations with these brands through third-party digital agencies.
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